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Discussion > > Couple of issues.

Couple of issues.

Hellkeepa (August 3rd, 2002, 8:12 am)


Issue 1:

I like how the date's on the main page of the forum, but I can only say that I miss to see the "last post" date on the subsequent pages as well.

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE seeing the name of the last poster, but I'm afraid it's not enough in some cases. I also know about the highligh of new posts, but that's even less accurate when it comes to determing wether or not there's been any new posts.

Any chance to reverting back to a variant of the first setup with names, ie with the date just below (or above) the name?

Issue 2:

I know this has been discussed quite recently, and I know you made a change to the code to make this easier, but I still find it too cumbersome to find the Oeuvre submissions of one spesific member.

Having to track him/her up in the forum, and then click his/hers name, just to be able to find the link for his/her Oeuvre strikes me as a bit too complex. Besides, what if someone haven't posted in the forum, but has a large Oeuvre...?

You see the problem, and is there something that can be done to fix it?

Happy fraggin'!

Couple of issues.

cruise (August 3rd, 2002, 8:50 pm)





Members directory? Guess it'd be another option across the top...

I did, I did make up my mind

Hellkeepa (August 3rd, 2002, 9:18 pm)


Hehe, I have made up my mind and I made it up the first time I asked. ;-

Both last post date and name is the best solution, and the one I've always wanted.

Sorry for nagging though. :-)

Good idea about the members directory though, if you need any help just let me know. ;-)

Happy fraggin'!

another way to do it...

Narainsbrain (August 4th, 2002, 6:24 am)

...could be to have something like dA's system, where you just type the user's name and follow it by to get to the user page. of course, if implementing subdomains is too much hassle (and i imagine it would be), something like would be good (a la, or you could add to index.php the functionality to redirect queries like's that sound?


Hellkeepa (August 4th, 2002, 9:30 pm)


Well, it seems a bit "incomplete" as a solution for me. First of all, we need the "user page" (reckon you're not thinking about "home pages"), then we still need a way to list all the users (who as an Oeuvre).

Basicly I agree that subdomains will be too much hassle, if not too expensive (?) as well, and the query stuff... Well, let's just stick to the actual pages first, ok?

Might be a good idea later on though, but it's way too soon to be thinking about that now.

Happy fraggin'!


cruise (August 5th, 2002, 9:41 am)

Basically, it will be a "members" page (as we'll be the only ones with Ouevre's anyway... :P)

Thinking about it, it makes sense anyway...


Eldritch (August 5th, 2002, 4:14 pm)

:D Heh...

good, but not good enough :p

Narainsbrain (August 6th, 2002, 1:42 pm)

a few things wrong with the usual 'lazy way' (:p) implementation:

1. the navbar now has two links called 'members'! maybe call the new one 'writers'.

2. the new directory page looks very empty. how about some more details like, um, number of submissions...?

...and 3. if only for the sake of symmetry, a date below the 'started by' text in the forums? or do we even need that column?

good, but not good enough :p

cruise (August 7th, 2002, 5:18 pm)

Heh. Only for "members"...we're the only one who can see the members only link...I'm tempted to leave it for a laugh :P

Yup, I know it's empty. I've leaving design decisions up to you now, as you do them so much better :P

Number of submissions, easy enough. Anything else?

We don't /need/ the column, really...but it's nice to have. We don't need the date below it though...

Short post

Hellkeepa (August 7th, 2002, 6:09 pm)


Thank you for fixing the dates, VERY much appreciated! :-)

Have to think a bit about what else to put in the "writers" page, but one small idea could be to add an anchor name just above the Oeuvre. So that when someone used the links in the "Writers" page they'd be taken directly to the Oeuvre, less confusing as they don't need to scroll. ;-)

Happy fraggin'!

Short post

cruise (August 8th, 2002, 10:47 am)

Hrm, possibly...but then that might n9ot be what you're going there for.

Might want to see what they're currently reading, see the latest jounral entry, oogle Angelas' picture, or whatever :P

Oh, yeah...

Semirrahge (August 8th, 2002, 11:29 pm)

Oogle away, baby! Hey, Crusie, I thought you were going steady?


Oh, yeah...

cruise (August 9th, 2002, 1:03 pm)

I am...

You'll notice I wasn't refering to myself in that sentence at all.

It was simply listed as an option that others might wish to avail themselves of...

AH, Riiiiiight.

Semirrahge (August 9th, 2002, 4:46 pm)

Sneaky psychology-type stuff. Cool. :)

AH, Riiiiiight.

cruise (August 9th, 2002, 6:15 pm)

I'm very good at that :P

Re: I've leaving design decisions up to you now...

Narainsbrain (August 12th, 2002, 3:58 pm)

cruise said that. way far up this thread. before it diverged off like all threads inevitably do. :p

anyway, that's more a content decision than a design issue, but that's never stopped me before... ;) so here's what i'm thinking:

Rahul Narain, alias Narainsbrain.
17 yrs, male, New Delhi, India. Prefers "sci-fi - hard, philosophical".
4 submissions, 3 in Oeuvre. Last Oeuvre submission: 640 Kilobytes.

the real name before the nick... since we all know each other only by our aliases, i thought it would be an interesting priority shift to put the real name first. the entries would still be sorted alphabetically by alias, so it should be too much of a problem to find people.

...and it could also have, say, the first eight or sixteen words of the Random Thought of the day. which brings me to my next suggestion (yeah yeah, you gonna get more than you bargained for! :p) - the Random Thought Thingy! something like a journal, 'cept we can put all sorts of ideas, quotes, rants, anything at all we please on it, fill it up from the beginning, and one of those will be picked randomly from them each day and displayed on the user page. if you add an option to 'display latest only', it would work as a perfectly good journal, too. ain't that something?

All thumbs up

Hellkeepa (August 12th, 2002, 6:34 pm)


I like that very well, at least the idea of it. ;-)

One question though, as I'm sure there are a few people wondering about: Will the guest-writers end up in there, a "common" area, or haven't you thought about that?

If it's the last alternative, I do think that would be a quite big issue to miss out on. After all, the guest-submissions should be preserved as well, don't you think? (Alt B. best in my opinion.) ;-)

Happy fraggin'!

All thumbs up

cruise (August 13th, 2002, 1:53 pm)

Guest writers will likely end up being very quiet members :P

Though I can likely work out a seperate classification for them if necessary...

I'll see what I can do with the members list about listing the quote, instead of that weird journaly/rant/quote hybrid? :P

Oh! Oh! "Pick me!"

Semirrahge (August 13th, 2002, 3:07 pm)

Quote - Shrek

Anyhow, I have wanted that random thought thingy for ages. I would totally love that. :) Trust Narain to flesh it out... Do it, Cruise! :)

Discussion > > Couple of issues.

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