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The "aye!" of Faith

Semirrahge (August 24th, 2002, 1:42 am)

Ok. Lam3n3z alert! :)

I'm pretty interested in hearing this discussion play out - It's been a Long, LONG time since I've heard religion discussed logically. On the DA forums any time religion is brought up it's taken for granted that this give the atheists permission to bash the fundamentalists and anything else they want too. And I'm sorry about the vicious tone here... But try and understand it from my point of view.

I agree with Cruise - for a group that has varied views of religion/faith/God which also happens to be a Sci-Fi/Artist group - we are doing very well. :)

And Ben/Narain - you also have to understand that for those who do believe in faith, a non-faith based mindset is just as hard to understand for them as a faith-based mindset is for you.

One last thing before I shut up: Though I join the ranks with at least one other professing Christian - I am Protestant, and furthermore my beliefs are fairly unique among even other protestants. What these are and why they are unique I will save for later. First I want to see if you guys can do this without blasting me to atoms.

The "aye!" of Faith

cruise (September 5th, 2002, 9:58 am)

Just so you know, I fixed the bug with the quotes :P

Discussion > Off-Topic > The

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