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Semirrahge (September 12th, 2002, 9:25 am)

Has it already been a whole year? 09-11-01 seems ancient history now.

But it just strikes me as a bit twisted that I can only fuss about me not having time to read online comics while there are important things to do.

I was reading Piro's rant for today (well, yesterday, really), and of course, the wonderful remebrance strip. It really got me thinking, especially after going back and re-reading #168 (last years strip, this date), and... It's funny, isn't it, that some people are expected to say something. Piro would object to that, I think, but he's almost become a hero of sorts. I know I admire him. :P

But. That day I was so confused. I was in Chicago at that time, and where I was working it was almost chaos. It felt... Unreal. I can still remember almost everything I did. But I know I could not have been coherent enough to write something like a 3 page rant. He did it, and no only that, but it was good.

*sigh* ...and I call myself a writer... :P

I'm not going to talk about why's and other philosophical bull right now. I just want to sit back and feel sad. It's nice to do that sometimes, you know?

I just want to try and understand the sheer enormity of it all. I know I can't. Human minds can't comprehend that level of tragedy.

It's like the Oklahoma City Federal building a few years ago. It had mostly been a news story, just something to read and not much else - but then I was in OKC and I went with some friends to see the memorial.

I nearly cried. People died there, you know? I mean, like my little brothers and sisters, my grandparents, my parents, my friends, my citizens... MY people.

There's something strangely unifying about great tragedy. Maybe because it reminds us that there's a lot more to life than feeding the cat and going to watch a movie.

I could go on about how this relates to faith and that there is a greater reason and all that, but I won't.

I'm just gonna try and feel sorry.


Eldritch (September 13th, 2002, 11:06 pm)

Your people. You understand not everyone feels the same way? You Americans came into our worthless little island, and POW, Bang, the war was over and you took us.. Did you cry for the people you killed invading? This is a war. This was just and attack, no more than any American attack on any other country. But this time, it hit you where it never did: HOME. It was right there, in your green little backyard, and a few thousand people died. That WASN'T a tragedy. There died about 6,000 people or so(estimate), and that's less than an 8th or so of who worked there. God was there, and saved more than a few people. Of couse, Americans had a sudden patriotic surge, and POW oh, happy economists wiping their rear with the money you make and use buying worthless "remembrance" items. This si a short rant, maybe some more later. Yes, it's sad. But that was a damn BRAVE act. Would you smack a plane into a building? There... done.


cruise (September 16th, 2002, 10:03 am)

This is clearly emotive, for quite a lot of people, but for many different reasons...


Shit happens.

Sure, loss of life is always a tragedy, but as Eldritch said, it's hardly the worst, and certainly no worse than American (or English, or most any other country, really) behaviour has been.

Civilian targets or military targets? Does it matter? They're all people at the end of the day.

Jesus told his disciples to be no part of the world. He vigorously avoided any involvment in political activity. He directed his followers to /God's/ Kingdom or government. Whatever the countries of this system decide to do is immaterial. They're all as bad as each other in their own way.

Discussion > Off-Topic > Wow.

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