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Ben (January 28th, 2003, 10:44 pm)

This is designed to be utterly unlike Semi's thread, for variety: feel free to contribute just a few sentances. I had a cyberpunky Game-ish feel in mind (with the beginning in VR), but take it wherever you want to go. Just make it Fun. =)

(I stole the title from one of Greg Egan's books. If you can think of something better/less derivative, just edit this post.)


Ben (January 28th, 2003, 10:45 pm)

Xetig had light brown skin, bleached blond hair gelled into coolness, and asian eyes hidden by fully reflective sunglasses. Currently, he was emperor of the universe.

Ahead, in the blackness, 3 points resolved into featureless, colorless spheres. Peering closer, he could felt a giddy exhiliration as the Zoom-O-Matic 10,000TM showed him the view.

OzzieDude, C4tfish4, and _brYce plowed toward him, airboards misting trails across the twilight-blue surface. Twilight-blue trails should have been invisible but he grinned anyway; they were sharp and dreamlike, spiderweb fractals casting bright wide shadows behind, dividing darkness from darkness, air from air from air, and for a second he paused.

Then, not-quite-automatically, the arials kicked in and it began.

Discussion > Group Writing > Teranesia

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