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cruise (January 29th, 2003, 2:57 pm)

This post is being brought to you by Linux :P

Well, kinda...after three days of fiddling and tweaking, I've finally got my new Linux box behaving properly as a firewall/network server, and can access the internet again :D

/me dances


Hellkeepa (February 1st, 2003, 9:10 am)


Congrats! About time, eh? ;-

Happy fraggin'!


cruise (February 2nd, 2003, 8:59 pm)

OK, /now/ it's working...

One of the network cards decided to fry itself, about an hour after I posted that, and I've only just been able to get everything working again.


Oh, well...


Hellkeepa (February 3rd, 2003, 1:04 am)



Typical, isn't it? Anyway, glad that you got it up and running. :-)

Happy fraggin'!

Discussion > Off-Topic > Wheeee

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