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Something I started.

BlacklightResponsive (December 17th, 2003, 6:30 am)

Blossoms of color shifted across the floor as the sun slowly melted through the horizon towards the sky. The blues surrounding the devil's eye shone like wet paint, holding all the richness of the fresh brush stroke that created it. An old canyon's walls were seen through massive trees growing in the now lush climate. Amongst the branches a city of bamboo and canvas sprawled. Though a city it was, man's child at heart had built the walls like that of a tree fort. Lookout towers and ziplines interlaced the homes and business. The walls were made of various layers of canvas, each dyed like superman icecream with pink, blue, and yellow blotches mixed like easter egg colors. As the sun shone through them it cast a kalediscope of light onto the city, leaving nothing without a trace of color. A purple splotch skirted slowly across the floor of a young boys room as the day grew near. Eyelids fluttered and a cyclone of sheets and arms ejected the boy onto his feet with his shirt half pulled on, only over his legs. After fixing his clothing he ran across his small room in the sky and dropped through a hole to the floor below. He parents were still fast asleep, and the feeling of being the only one alive sent a rush of adrenalin through his body. His glance shifted towards the long open window on the far side of the room, and his firemans poll just outside it. Running straight on he dove out the window in a superman pose and grasped the poll in both hands as he swung by. After spinning all the way around he let his legs wrap around and slid down into the fog of early morning.

His pumping legs kept him a long a boardwalk winding between tree trunks. The fog lay like a tunnel along the path, thinner now but it still gave the pressense of a dream. As he arrived at his friends place he slowed, but she was ready and had already swung down and was next to him, smiling. Together they ran off through smears of pastel and streaks of emerald. Now they reached the fringe of the city, where a path led down to the river that ran at the canyons bottom. Tropical flowers bloomed in bright candy coated colors. The river came into view and the two turned down a path to run along side it, and then slowed to a stop in front of a large boulder. A secret they had found a few weaks earlier.

Pressing a hand to a strange protusion on the back, the boy smiled at the girl, and then watched as the fake panal slid to allow access to a stairway. A place they dubbed The God Room, and rightfully so. After a long decent into darkness the stairs opened unto the amber glow of a small room, with a silver circle disk inlaid in the floor directly in the center.

Discussion > Feedback > Something I started.

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