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Discussion > Science-Fiction > REVIEW: Science Fiction Museum and Hall Of Fame

REVIEW: Science Fiction Museum and Hall Of Fame

Wanderer (October 1st, 2004, 12:00 pm)

If you claim to like science fiction, are in or near Seattle and have a few hours to spare, you really need to check out the new Science Fiction Museum that opened in the Seattle Center (the EMP building). I visited it this summer.

The museum is brand new, as it openend up end june. Most of the material comes from the private collection of Paul G. Allen, geeks might know the name as he was a big man in Microsoft. The EMP building, looking very modern on it's own, is a good location for it. The moment you walk in you get thrown into the science fiction atmosphere, with a bit robot waiting at the entry door and famous scifi theme music (Star Wars when i was there) playing in the lobby. As decoration there are a number of Hubble telescope shots.

The museum is packed full with movieprops, original publications, artworks, scalemodels, and a couple of very neat interactive displays. All is set in a very nice, futuristic style that fits the science fiction theme of the museum very well.

On the first floor you get a nice overview of science fiction in general: timelines, the Hall Of Fame, overview of styles and the evolutions in scifi. The basement level (the museum is built down instead of up) is split up in three different sections:

- Fantastic Voyages (about journeys to space and other worlds, with spaceships, weaponry, spacesuits, technology, ...)

- Brave New Worlds (the world in the future, alternate realities, other worlds and societies)

- Them (all about robots, artificial intelligence and aliens)

Admissions are $13 for an adult and $9 if you're under 18. You can also get a combi ticket for the SFM and the EMP (Experience Music Project) for a bit over double that price, so if you're interested in music as well and have very much time on your hands (for both musea i'd say you could probably spend close to a day) it might be interesting. Look out for special promotions from the Seattle Center as they might offer all in tickets (the Space needle, the two musea and some attractions in the park) at times.

It's a very interesting and fun museum. So if you have a chance to go see it, i highly recommend you do so.

Discussion > Science-Fiction > REVIEW: Science Fiction Museum and Hall Of Fame

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