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Demon slayer- Prologue

classifications: Fantasy / Action


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The man raised his axe, iron glittering in the moonlight .He jumped forward, swinging the weapon in front of him, ending his swing against a thick tree trunk. He felt the demon brush by him as he removed his axe from the tree and stood ready to continue. The creature let out a burst of laughter, almost playful, and took a menacing stance, looking at the man with furious eyes. He waited for the man’s axe stroke, evading the silvery blade flowing with a liquid motion to the ground beside him. The demon kicked the blade, shattering it into a thousand pieces that flew into the trees around them.

The man tossed off his gray robe and axe handle, revealing the thick armor underneath. The demon watched the man focus, his fists emanating a blue glow, strengthening into a blinding blue light and stand looking at him with fearless eyes. Warrior’s eyes. He lunged for his opponent, fists blurring together as he attacked, the shadowy demon evading his every blow. He stopped for a second, and felt his enemy’s blow, armor useless against the demonic punch that pushed into his abdomen. He fell to his knees, wrestling off the armor closing off his breath.

A final blow. Darkness... The moonlight still pieced through the trees to the clearing where their battle had take place, reflected in the grass swaying in the night’s breeze. The demon prepared a grave with his own hands for the valiant man, and laid him to rest in the very clearing where they had clashed. The man had done battle with honor. And that even a demon respected.

Wanderer (October 8th, 2003, 7:37 am)

Nice, but it's a bit short, no ? ;) Very nicely written though, very visual...

drd (January 8th, 2004, 12:43 pm)

Hmmmm, interesting.

Would definatly like to know where this stories going.

More please.

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