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Other Kind of Junkie ~ My Pet

classifications: Cyberpunk / Dark

I'm now flirting with the watercooler. The coffee machine is jealous. I'm sure of it.

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Ivan's watch backlight glows irridecent blue.

"Misha the cat. Cute" Mardi's bottom lip reminded him of an orchid petal perfectly curled.

Tonight the harbourfront is quiet . The city's electrical skyline is diffused by the fog rolling off the lake, creating the perfect backdrop for low voices and intimate conversations.

"Misha is a loyal friend" Ivan takes a big swig of his beer.

Mardi slips the long white cigarette from her lips and places it on the fake crystal ashtry's rest. The amber tip is stained with mauve lipstick.

Ivan could list for her the chemical makeup of cigarette tabacco, acrolein exposure and metabolites. He knows she knows it's bad, so Ivan deciedes to forgo the lecture for another night.

The bluish smoke makes Ivan wince.

"You don't smoke?" Mardi's eyes rest on his face.

"No, I quit though, a very long time ago" he smiles "I have many co-workers who smoke, it doesn't bother me so much"

The waitress looks at him and Ivan raises two fingers.

"What kind of work do you do?"

"Depends. What do you do?"

Ivan wasn't expecting a question. He wanted an answer.

Mardi leans on her left hand and looks at him half lazily. He decieds that this might be the opportunity to test her. For all he knows, she's testing him.

"I'm a chemist by trade."

The waitress places the drinks on the table, intruding on thier private space. Ivan quickly pays the waitress and tells her to keep the change.

Mardi's dark brown eyes are fixated on Ivans face. He frowns. Instantly, they flutter, darting from the drinks, then resting on the orange ember end of the cigarette.

Mardi head is tilted downwards. A shadow is cast across her face, masking her expression. Ivan grows worried.

"Mardi, are you alright"

"So, your a chemist?" Her voice sounding slightly different "Where do you work?"

Then she tilts her chin slowly up, seductivly with a wicked grin on her face. Ivan is relived, he thought he offended her or maybe she's teasing him.

He pushes the trivial thought out of his mind.

"No, no, one question at a time. It's your turn"

"I'm in finance. Auditor work." Mardi says flatly.

She seems to have gained rosier cheeks.

A moment of uneasy silence passes between them.

"My job sucks too, in fact, I rather be a rock star"

Ivan chuckles at the absurdity of his answer. Boy, if Prof. Arhn could hear him say that!

Mardi doesn't seem to be amused, her face is plain now.

"I'm not proud of my job, Ivan"

The restarant lights are dimmed and the voices hushed. The waitress brings over a tealight to the table and shadows playfully dance on the burgundy table cloth. The small red votive, candle light warms their faces and encloses them. "I hate my job, Ivan, I really do. If you really knew me, knew me well, you would leave right this second."

This night has been good to Ivan sofar. The idea of Ivan being a one cat guy for the rest of his life crosses his mind. Ivan catches a sigh from passing his lips.

Ivan puts his hand on hers in a act of comfort. She looks up at him. Her eyes are glossy. Did he upset her?

Ivan finds himself in a place of uncertainties. Something isn't right about this girl. Could be an allergic reaction to the gin?

"Mardi, are you alright? Maybe we should go home now."

Her eyes again pierce his. He asks again, "Do you want to go home?"

Ivan looks briefly away from Mardi. He feels droplets have fallen on his hands and closely exams them.

A woman screams.

I like it!

Wanderer (October 11th, 2004, 1:22 pm)

Yes, i do. And i'm curious as to where the story is going, so more please! :)

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