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Demon Slayer-Chapter One

classifications: Fantasy / Heroic / Action

I think this is about enough for the first chapter. It is perhaps a little short, and if so, please specify.Please tear it apart.Check the dialogue,again, if you please. too lazy to do it myself ;)

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The slayer locked eyes with the demon. Time froze. For an eternal moment they looked at each other. The slayer drew his sword, enchanted blade scintillating in the moonlight. The demon charged forward, hellfire-forged daggers in each clawed hand. Two slashes cut through the midnight air, the slayer parrying away the strikes. Waiting for the opening. Just waiting. One wrong move was enough. The demon slashed outward. There. The slayer swung his blade sideways, lacerating the demon's chest. The demon jumped back, clutching his wound.

The slayer advanced and stabbed forward, ensorcelled blade crossing the demon’s heart. He pulled the sword back, edges smeared in demoniac blood. The demon fell to his knees, expiring in one final breath. The slayer reached within his bag and extracted a large sack. He proceeded to slice off his opponent’s head and put it inside the sack. He cleaned the blade and sheathed it. He tied the bag to his pack and carried it off into the night, black cape fluttering in the wind.


Night had already fallen by the time the slayer reached town. He walked with infinite patience in the narrow dirt path, trying to find his destination, The Black Wolf, tavern, inn and the village’s main meeting place for foreigners and locals alike. After a few paces, he noticed a large sign that read “The Black Wolf” with an engraving of a wolf with open jaws. The sign was attached to a large stone building of two stories.

“That wasn’t too hard…” he thought to himself and entered through the tavern’s doors.

The place was alive with activity. Most of it came from a long table of very drunken men laughing, the clatter of their plates and eating utensils, their irritating voices buzzing in his ears. He noticed there were few other people in the establishment as he scanned the area for his employers, spotting them in a table in the back, civilized, contrary to the savage idiots looking at him with suspicious gazes. He crossed the room, pulling the looks of the townsfolk as he sat down with his employers. The man in the brown robe was first to speak.

“Good evening, Siegfried”

“Evening, Ferik.”

“I trust the job is done.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t be standing before you, were it not so.”


The slayer untied the bag from his pack and opened it, rolling the demon’s head onto the table.

“I trust you’re satisfied with the proof.”

“Of course. More than satisfied. Strange, the appearance of so many of these demons. Of course, with the Kingdom in this state, not much can be expected.”

“ Their numbers are none of my concern. Do you have my pay?”

“Certainly. I’m a man of honor, as I have noticed you are.”

Ferik made a signal to the man with the blue cloak sitting beside him. The man reached inside his cloak, producing a large leather bag

“Three hundred orebs. Feel free to count them.” said Ferik, presenting him the bag.

“Your word is enough. A pleasure doing business with you.” answered Siegfried, putting the sack inside his pack.

And it was. He didn’t often get employers like these. His business was not an easy one. He did it more out of a sense of duty than the money. But the money was good, always a nice addition to a rough life.

Siegfried walked away from the table, bumping inadvertently with one of the very drunken men of the table he had noticed upon his entrance. The man bared his rotting teeth and tried to push away the slayer. Seeing the uselessness of his continued efforts, he grabbed a dagger from his belt and stabbed at the air. The liquor might have made him braver, but not in the slightest stronger or more accurate. The black-caped demon hunter grabbed his opponent’s wrist, gauntleted hand crushing bone. Pushing the intoxicated man with his left hand, he started to walk away.

The bewildered battle cries of the man with the broken wrist’s companions made him turn around; ready to face the impending attack. A bearded, burly man motioned them to move forward, and three men attacked him in unison. Siegfried grabbed one as he jumped in the air, tossing him against his berserk companions. They fell backwards, and the burly man ran towards him, punching forward in blind fury. The slayer ducked, pushing his fist into the man’s flowing belly, making him reel back and fall to the ground. The only remaining man drew his sword. The hunter waited for his enemy’s attack. The man grabbed his weapon with both hands and thrust it at the slayer, who evaded it in a single movement and spun around, hitting the man in the side of the face with a backhanded punch. The man fell to the floor clutching his face, and Siegfried walked outside, to the stone path and the welcoming night.

The slayer felt a cold gust of wind as he walked outside. It was darker than he had thought, he noticed. Quite dark. He could almost feel the spirits and shadows. Yes, the night was most certainly his friend. The spirits, and the night, kept him company.

Siegfried was on his way out of the town when the messenger caught up to him, running from the tavern. News traveled fast in the countryside.

“Slayer, I have news that might be of interest.”

“Go on, if you please.”

“Yes...We have heard of another demon, near the town of Golagiad. A warrior from the town went to face him, and he did not return.”

“Certainly interesting. Would you care to direct me to the road to Golagiad?”

“No problem. Just follow the road north, through the village gates and onwards, until you find a three-pronged fork. There should be a sign post reading Golagiad, in the right leg of the fork.”

The demon slayer thanked him and took a gold coin from his sack. He placed it on the man’s hand and continued walking, through the gates and on to the north.

Wanderer (February 12th, 2004, 12:32 pm)

Sounds like the beginning of an RPG campaign ;) It's well written.

drd (February 12th, 2004, 4:58 pm)

Does indeed sound interesting.

I await more.

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