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Modern Magic

classifications: Fantasy

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Merlin Stark sat on the grassy edge of a cliff overlooking the serene waters of Lake Watanabe. The valley holding the lake was silent with an air of expectancy, as if all of nature waited to see what Merlin Stark would do next. He imagined the eagles perched high in their nests watching him like feathered telescopes, the rodents beneath them allowed a little respite from natural selection, hoping Merlin Stark would take his time, with whatever magic he was to perform.

He fixed his gaze on the center of the lake and peered into the waters with his mind. He could see the fish, big and small, working their little mouths as they swam around each other searching for a bite to nibble. He saw the underwater weeds swaying in the small current, and the moss growing on the rocks that would prove slippery to the feet if one were to step on them. The sun from above lit the underwater world in a kaleidoscope of blue and white. Merlin Stark focused his mind at the point under the rocks and weeds, the very center of the lake, and pushed. Pushed up. Slowly the rocks let loose from the lakebed and began to float upwards. The weeds were uprooted and the fish lost control of their movements and also began to float up in a reverse whirlpool that gathered momentum as he was able to focus the energy of his mind more clearly. The whirlpool sped up until all the life caught within was nothing more than a blur.

The surface of the lake was broken at first by bubbles, then a thin jet of water racing skyward, and culminated in a tumultuous spiraling waterspout without a cloud to anchor it. Merlin Stark toyed with his creation cautiously at first, expanding and contracting it with ease. The sun played upon its surface brilliantly, generating a noontime lightshow bedazzling as any fireworks display. He could feel the mist from his plaything even from his perch, and the entire spectacle brought a smile to his face. He shaped the head of the spout into a crown, whose points sent jets of water in all directions. Below the crown he fashioned a distinct face whose features were distorted only by the waters rushing over it. Over this he shaped a broadsword whose tip ran past the highest point of the crown and ended near the surface of the lake with a mighty fist gripping the handle. The figure in the chaotic waterspout grinned and winked at him from behind its blade, and Merlin Stark let out a gleeful laugh.

He heard footsteps on the high grasses behind him and someone calling his name. He tried to ignore the distraction and keep his focus on his new plaything, but a hand gripped his shoulder and a shrill feminine voice yelled his name in his ear.

“Joey! Joseph Daniel Stark, you come off of here right this instant!”

He blinked and his creation faded. The wilds around him disappeared into brick and concrete, and he watched his newfound king splash down into the lake with a sad frown upon his majestic face. The lake dried up into a small puddle on the asphalt below his rooftop perch.

“Joey, I told you not to come up here anymore. You could fall right off this ledge and kill yourself.”

“Sorry mom.”

“Sorry my ass, get downstairs and wash up for dinner. If I catch you up here again you’ll be grounded for a month.”

“Okay mom.”

i get it...

Wanderer (February 11th, 2004, 4:32 pm)

It's like saying that a kids fantasy is the only magic there's left these days... am i right?

i get it...

kromekoran (February 11th, 2004, 6:20 pm)


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