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TAAEBK - The Justice of Skaile's

classifications: Science-Fiction / Fantasy / Space Opera / Heroic / Action

I don't think I've uploaded this before... It's part of the saga I had planned to write about my mysterious, long-coated hero in black and silver.

Just in case it's uncertain - this shockwave was caused by Skaile, and the hero is simply "he". For someone to whom names are easy, I've never found a good name for him. :)

And, yes... This is one of my traditional titles. It's a play on "The Scales of Justice". Right, boo, I know....

Anyhow, ideas for completion, anyone?

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The Annals of the Archon Executor of the Baran-Kuda

The Justice of Skaile’s

The shock wave moved slowly but inexorably out in an ever-expanding ring of destruction from the epicenter. To say it moved slowly was to say that it moved slowly in the way that a flash flood causes water to rise slowly. It moved slowly; that is to say, it moved slow enough to watch its approach, but it was still blindingly fast.

The ring moved outward in a wall of crushing destruction. There was no heat, but the enormous energies expended in the concussion had to go somewhere, and the resulting wave of energy was so great as to be nearly a solid mass.

Trees, rocks, houses, fences… It mattered not the construction of the object- the wave obliterated them instantly, turning them into shreds of dust in a split second, and then moving onwards even while the object was blowing apart.

He stood silently at the base of the hill, watching as the speeding shockwave ripped towards him at several hundred kilometers per hour, shredding the land in the process. He stood waiting, but not without some apprehension. This massive display of destruction was for a small and seemingly insignificant purpose- his death.

All this casual destruction of life and property for the death of one man, and he was disgusted by it. He could feel the ground shaking beneath him now in agony as the wall tore its surface in dispassionate rage. Why? He thought, why the casual ignorance of innocent lives? What arrogance that Skail should feel that he had the right use this sort of power, just because he could, without even realizing or worrying or considering that he might be destroying more than his intended target?

The wall was nearing him quickly. It would be here in a few seconds. He began the exercises needed to absorb the energies of the wall. His only chance of survival, and the only way to stop this needless and casual ruination was to take the energies that made up the wall and put them somewhere else.

He began summoning energy from the sunlight hitting him, and shot it up out of him in a column of visible light. The wall tore towards him with frantic eagerness, and he braced himself for contact. He pulled more energy into himself, this time absorbing from anywhere it touched him, he had to prepare for… The wall tore towards him…

Closer. He expanded his draining, and the column above him grew into a blazing ray of solid energy, destructive simply because of its sheer density. Closer. His coat opened, flowing behind him on a nonexistent wind. Closer. He bowed his head, and ducked slightly, leaning towards the wall. Closer- He used a small amount of the power he was draining from the world around him to pull his feet into the ground. Closer! He-

And it hit him.

Like the force of a thousand hurricanes it tore at him. An invisible wall of indestructible power bashed into his frame, insignificant in comparison, threatening to smash him into atoms. It was- he forced himself to concentrate, and he began to pull the shockwave energy into himself.

It was incredibly hard. There was more power there than he could ever hope to hold and remain whole. The column above him grew to massive proportions, but he had all but forgotten that he was pouring energy into it; all his thoughts were concentrated on absorbing the torrential waves of energy surrounding him.


cruise (June 2nd, 2002, 10:04 pm)

I like the descriptions, and the little details that show the thought that's gone into

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