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Untitled scrap

classifications: Philosophical / Dramatic

This was mostly written for the second part, which was originally an experiment to see how close I could get to a sex scene... but it kinda got a little out of hand.

I've always wanted to write a romance tale of some kind, and the opening was written because I thought it tied in pretty well with "Christopher Strake"... But I've never done any more on it since then, which was a few years ago. I suck as a writer. :)

Oh, yes. And it's not sci-fi or fantasy.

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The rain poured steadily down, trickling down off the branches above me, casting a grey fog over the ocean ahead. It dripped off my hat, and ran down my coat to the sand beneath my leather boots. It was amazingly cold with the rain sucking heat from my coat, and the wind off the ocean did not help.

I leaned back against the concrete retaining wall, and wondered what on earth I was doing out here. The trees stretched on down the sandy beach to either side of me, and the ocean sighed and gurgled powerfully, mixing nicely with the roaring hiss of the rain. It was only 2 oclock, but the clouds above were so thick that it looked like dusk.

In spite of the cold, it was amazingly beautiful. It was not the same as the Texas thunderstorms I loved, but the calm symphonies of the natural sights and sounds wove a tapestry of indescribable perfection.

Gazing blankly out over the seas, I wondered about the fact that this beauty should be given to man to enjoy. As I pondered, a dogs bark rudely jerked my thoughts back to the beach. I stood up again, and walked through the small gap in the trees where I had been sitting and looked down the beach.

There was the dog, and the owner was walking further behind. The grey-black animal ran up to me, wagging its shaggy and dirty tail furiously. She was covered in sand, and soaking wet from the rain, but radiated an almost tangible aura of joy and friendliness.

I knelt down and held out the back of my hand for her to smell. Hey girl, I said in the cooing tone that I reserved for the members of the canine species. She sniffed it in passing, and jumped onto me, trying desperately to lick my face. Whoa!! I said, laughing, easy there.

Grabbing her head I scrubbed vigorously behind her ears, disguising my effort to remain free of slobber as an outpouring of love. Her quivers of joy went off almost instantly as she rolled over, and I obligingly moved my fingers down onto her neck and belly.

I was lost then, for a moment, oblivious to the rain and cold, enjoying the shared pleasure of the dog and me.

Im so sorry about that, the feminine voice abruptly cut into my thoughts and caused the dog to jump up in new spasms of joy for her master. We don- er, People are not usually out in the rain on the beach, so I dont leash her.

I stood, grinning. Its quite alright. I love dogs. She was tall and slender, with what appeared to be light brown hair down to her shoulders. I was unsure of the color, because she had been even crazier than I, walking in the rain without umbrella or coat, and she was dripping wet.

I cast a curious eye over her, and waved my hand in her direction. Do you always, -?

She glanced down at her wet self and picked self-consciously at her blouse, as if suddenly realizing that she was soaking wet. Oh! she laughed, I do this quite often, although I we, have never met you- anyone out here before today.

She smiled sheepishly at me, and I grinned back. Im Chris, by the way. Im here on vacation. Do you live here?

- - -

She smiled and chatted, but her smile was almost...self-conscious, or apprehensive. Of what, I wondered... She seemed to not be really paying attention to what she was saying, as if she had something else on her mind.

The conversation lulled, I was trying to figure out what was wrong, and she was... well... She stood up, and looked down at me sitting on the couch. Walking across the room, she stopped a few feet away. She smiled that smile again, and something in her eyes, her manner... Alarm bells went off in my head.

I sat up from my slouch, what was going on? I was getting worried, something was not right here...

She looked at me, cocking her head and eyebrows in a way that made my heart leap into my mouth, and I could hear my pulse in my ears. Oh no, I thought. No... Nononono...

Her hands went to the belt at her waist, and in a single deft tug it was gone, and her robe opened slightly, the neck V-ing down to... I gulped in panic, and, yes... Lust. My mind raced furiously, and she slowly, as if still unsure of what she was doing, or perhaps she was just being coy now.

She pulled her robe open completely, and took a step back, as if on display. Chemical responses to her visual stimuli raced through my body while my mind reeled to catch up. I could feel animal desire rising like a flash flood inside me, and I found myself looking up and down her slim, white length. The curves of - I stopped suddenly and wondered in shock what on earth was I doing!?!

I jerked my head to the side and threw my arm up. I felt rage building inside me now, overpowering the animal lust that was still there. Rage at me for getting into this, for going as far as I had, for not listening to the warning signs- I jerked a finger towards her, barely visible now in my peripheral vision and hidden behind my arm.

"Stop!" I growled viciously, "What are you doing! Quit!"

Her robe shut like a trap, and I jumped to my feet, glaring at her. Her face went red in embarrassment, then white as a sheet. She stepped back again, but this time in uncertainty and fear- of me, for I was angry, very angry.

"WHAT! got into you?" I towered over her. I was taller than her, and although I was not a big man, her slender frame was dwarfed by mine as I loomed over her in a rage of embarrassment and shame and disgust. "How could you do such a thing? What kind of a person do you think I am, that I would-" and I stopped suddenly.

Abruptly I could see her face, and the look on it. Her posture, the way the clutched her rob around her like a shield to protect her. She was terrified, cowering there beneath me, flinching as if expecting a blow from my balled up fists. Think, I thought. And I saw myself suddenly reflected in her liquid blue eyes.

I was a monster. My veins stood out on my forehead, and my eyes had the fires of hell burning in their depths. I saw the scene suddenly from a third perspective, the man standing over a panicked woman, her hands desperately clutching her robe around her, his hands in fists. His terrible wrath, her anguished fear. She must feel so small, so frail-

I sagged and turned away. A sob shook me involuntarily, and I brought my hand to my face. What manner of man am I? I wondered, that I have brought this upon us? I sunk to the floor.

"Ahh, Elsa... Forgive me. I was ...wrong, I-" What had happened that our friendship had sunk to this, her thinking that I wanted-- And me about to kill her? I shook my head in agonized despair. This, like everything else I did in life was falling apart, destroyed by my own hand.

But what truly shamed me, and what caused more anger than her actions, was my own desires. I _had_ wanted this to take place. I did desire it, more than our friendship, even. I was willing, deep inside, to ruin a thing more precious to me than life itself. All for a few moments of sexual passion.

I truly was a monster, and I was terrified of what I was. This woman, no, little more than a girl, had for love been willing to abandon the precious jewels of her life to give me what she knew I truly wanted. And I had taken her misshapen gift and thrown it back to her in a rage so violent that I had been ready to kill her.

I felt filthy and vile. What had I done what had I done...? And above all, why!? Why was it always so!? I truly was a wolf in sheep's clothing, a Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde, and the realization was more than I could bear.

Not sci-fi or fantasy?

cruise (June 4th, 2002, 9:35 pm)

Heathen! :P

Nah...but seriously, just archive the sucker, that's what it's for...if you want us to check it out, drop a post on the boards...

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