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Future Past, Present History notes

classifications: Science-Fiction / Dark / Philosophical / Dramatic

Again, I thought it might be educational for you guys to read some of my background notes. This is the world (though modified a bit, the computer network is gone in the current story) that I have Future Past set in. I originally just sat down one day and wrote this for fun... I did not realize I'd be able to use it. :)

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…In the future, cities have grown to huge proportions in accordance with man’s push for a global village “Utopia” during the 20th century. The small town has vanished, open spaces being reserved for agricultural purity domes. Earth has become a dark ball of sickness and ruined jungles of synthetic manufacture.

What had started as a network for the military and colleges in the 1980’s United States has grown into a virtual megalith that permeates every aspect of society. Everything is interconnected. Computers run everything.

The reasons for the social state of the world are myriad, and – of course – highly debated and trivial. Political and socioeconomic drives, combined with man’s incessant drive for self gratification and conquest resulted in the conquering and subsequent plunder of the solar system.

Faster-Than-Light travel was on the horizon when the scheming of politicians rose to its greatest height and the inevitable end to all of man’s grand designs.

War; politically caused and driven, controlled and conducted by thinly-veiled primal barbarism, it is man’s response to the gift of sentience. Once given control, man must make his place known, and in the breakdown of socially-accepted “polite” politics he reverts to a course of action that always works.

The Offworld™ colonies remained cautiously neutral. It was difficult enough to run human society on a world that would kill you without the help of Deus Ex Machina. Earth provided a link to that technology, it is true, but the corporation decided that the winner would still buy and sell, and they could provide a neutral trade service to all sides while the war carried on.

Everyone forgot, of course, that war had finally become “unthinkable”. Throughout history, combat technology has several times made war too inhumane for it to exist – the machine gun, atomic weaponry, bio-chem warfare, unstoppable ammunition, telepsych disruption – and man goes and forgets all about that whenever someone offends His Honorable High-And-Mighty politician.

Earth trembled with the force of the 7-year conflict. Satellite weapons destroyed from orbit – and destroyed when they were shot down by other satellites. Air raids leveled cities, soldiers and their armored counterparts trampled each other into global mass graves, biological-chemical warfare slaughtered millions and destroyed ecosystems, and it ended in nuclear fallout.

Escalating quickly from microtactical nukes to supermegaton blasts that cracked Earth’s tender crust, war suddenly stopped. Soldiers lost heart in the face of those mighty weapons, - unstoppable and unimaginably destructive - and gave up on every side.

Peace-seeking ex-soldiers met each other on the field, shook hands and defied the officers stubborn enough to keep driving them onward to return to what was left of their shattered homes.

Some who had lost everything went with Offworld™ launches to join the colonies or become miners in the Van Allen belt. Some stayed home on Earth to rebuild their world and lives.

The solar system saw peace – a peace of exhaustion and ruined economies – for many years afterwards. The buildup generated new governments where old ones had collapsed; giant conglomerate Megacorporations, crime lords and city-states – along with more traditional governmental systems brought some sense of stability to the economic foundations of Earth.

A conspicuous absence in the new era was traditional politics. Gone was the sniveling doublespeak and foppish etiquettes demanded by the leaders of ages past, replaced by the simpler and more effective Machiavellian capitalism embraced by corporations and traders – and now the solar system – everywhere.

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