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Kaelgeon Alpha

classifications: Science-Fiction / Dramatic / Action

This was written before I rewrote, condensed, and came out with the Kaelgeon that everyone has read. Like the Dark City scrap, there are things here that I like, and dislike, but overall the story has progressed enough that this is now useless.

Tip: Read it out loud, in a dramatic voice. :) I like melodrama.

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Kaelgeon – A name that for many symbolizes death, ruin, waste and destruction.

Kaelgeon – The only planet in the Habergeon Prime system.

Kaelgeon – The largest planet in the known universe; a titanic wasteland, the entire planet being devoid of any form of life and equally incapable of supporting it. Barren to the extreme, with violent weather conditions and an atmosphere unlike any other, it has been likened by many to Hell. Dead and unwilling to support life, it is nonetheless a mighty planet that has steadily endured the millennia since its creation, and firmly withstood the shock of myriad wars as titanic as the planet itself.

Kaelgeon - Also the most valuable planet in the universe. Possessing mineral riches vastly greater than that of any other planet, it has the potential to supply energy and raw material for eons to the ones who gain its control. To command custody of Kaelgeon has been the driving force of every major Government, Religious group and Megacorporation in the universe. Its massive natural resources now augmented by the accumulated wreckage from thousands of years of total war.

Down through the millennia, it has been witness to a thousand tales of treachery and bravery, defeat and victory, honor and shame. It is the final resting place for many who dies on it’s endless battlefields; to some it is an everlasting monument to their courage and selflessness, to others, a tomb of reproach for all who view its spread.

A thousand tales, and none can be told without telling the tale of the mighty planet herself, and so:

This is her tale.

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