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Coup de Main - Beta Revision, Mantis Notes

classifications: Science-Fiction / Heroic / Dramatic / Action

Just posting some notes to give you a better idea of what's in my twisted mind. These need revision, but I have not gotten the Mantis units totally worked out yet.

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The Mantis Elite Combat Unit was developed in year 798, at the beginning of the Expansion Wars. The rate of planetary colonization was so high that the new colonies were forming their own governments and rebelling from the central rule of the Terran Empire. Added to this, there had been several new life forms discovered, and there had been some decisive military losses against both Terran and E.T. hostiles. There were not enough recruits to replace the lost units, and the training that was required to make them effective took so long that the military was being spread paper-thin throughout the various theaters.

A decision was made to try an engineered soldier. He would be stronger, could see further, move quicker, and have more staying power than anything ever seen up to that point. He would have the split-second analysis, high strength, and determination of an automaton, combined with the humans’ superior moral judgment and frame of reference. In short, he would be the ultimate soldier, capable of handling any threat, in any environment, and no matter what the situation, would be able to use the circumstances and surroundings to give him the advantage.

The soldiers would be given designations to replace names and rank. All Mantis units would be of equal rank, to enhance the ability to work in a team situation. Given names such as Reaver and Blight, and with the rank of Mantis Elite Combat Unit, they would soon earn enormous recognition among the civilian population, and the names of each became almost instantly recognizable.

The first unit was designated Catalyst, and as his performance exceeded all projected estimates, all further units were identical.

The primary thing that gave him his advantage was the Mantis Controller. Set under the back of the head, it intercepted four of the five senses: Touch, Sight, Smell, and Sound; as well as having preemptive control over the muscles.

His eyes were covered by surgically implanted lenses that, along with providing protection, also gave him enhanced vision through various light filters and software image magnification.

His sense of smell was enhanced to detect odors with much more precision than had ever before been possible, along with superior odor identification, even in a saturated environment.

His sense of touch was enhanced through equipment that could lower his pain threshold to the point where he felt nothing at all.

His hearing was enhanced through much the same way as the sense of touch, in that he could raise or lower his sensitivity at will.

His muscles were enhanced by the addition of memory-metal wire that enabled him to effectively double his available strength, and additionally, so long as there was power left in his enercells, he could operate long after his organic muscles would have failed.

The results were nothing less than astounding. The combat performance exceeded all projections, and each of the units became legendary as the media faithfully reported each victory to the public. The soldiers were used in every major offensive, in every type of environment - from hard vacuum to planets with a toxic atmosphere – and yet, out of the original legion, only 200 had died.

hmm, more supersoldiers, eh? =)

Narainsbrain (June 12th, 2002, 10:06 am)

sounds pretty cool.

though you might want to explain why exactly an augmented sense of smell would be necessary, cause i find myself doubting its utility. especially in space combat situations.

and... "only 200 had died" seems to be a somewhat large number, without any reference to what the original strength of the legion is.

otherwise, pretty cool notes, especially the setting explained in the first paras. i should go read Coup de Main proper now.

nice to know....

drd (March 25th, 2003, 12:23 am)

Cool explaination.

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