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Alone V 2

classifications: Science-Fiction / Horror / Dark

This is the improved version of my short story Alone, originally written to win some short story contest at school. I won and got 20 $, yay. But then I got involved with it and with a lot of help from Cruise, it ended in this.

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Short Story: Alone...

In a tangle of bed sheets, I woke up to yet another boring morning in my routine, everyday life. I tossed the sheets aside and groggily rose from the bed .I brushed my teeth, proceeded to get dressed. Strangely enough, in my usually noisy house, there was a discomforting quiet that hung heavily in the air around me. “What’s going on?” I wondered as I slowly stepped down the stairs. “Maybe they’re all sleeping”, I thought, just as I entered the kitchen. I picked up a bowl and a spoon, opened the refrigerator, took out the milk and cereal and served myself just another breakfast in my cold, boring routine. I ate my cereal quickly, as I usually do, and decided to just go on and wake up my brother. I slowly opened his door and crept into his room. I stepped up to the bed and flicked the lights on. No one was there! “Now, this is weird!” I thought as I hurried out. I rushed into my parents’ room and put the lights on in a silent prayer that they would be there. Nothing! “Now this is just too freaky for me!” I ran to my room, put on some decent clothes and ran outside, God knows, maybe they were all outside! I ran to the backyard and waited for a sound ... Only deathly silence floated around, only the sound of the cool breeze brushing softly against my face.

I walked over to the neighbors’ house to see if they were home. Maybe they could explain everything, maybe they knew why my family wasn’t home or where they were. I walked over to the neighbors’ door and pressed the doorbell. I pressed it again. I waited and pressed again, waiting impatiently for an answer. I realized no one would answer and crying out of anger, I walked away “What’s going on?” I screamed out desperately as my eyes searched the streets for a car, a motorcycle, anything! I just don’t want to be alone! I felt an evil air about, pressing against me, choking me, reaching the fibers of my very soul! What was I going to do? It was just that silent, that silence was just enough to make you go mad!

I decided that panicking wasn’t the best way to go, so I just decided to go back into the house and check the phone, call someone...I just needed to hear a human voice besides my own! I darted inside and picked up the phone in my cold, sweaty hand. It felt strange, as if I had never held a phone before, as if this everyday object suddenly became a piece of alien technology. I held it close to my ear, waiting for the dull tone, but I heard nothing! I became more desperate with every second that passed, every second that slipped by felt like an hour.

I set off to see if there was anyone left in the city. I just couldn’t bear the thought of being alone, all alone, nothing to live for, nothing to fight for! I ran off to the street and then lowered my pace as I reached the sidewalk, the cold wind now blasting against my face, no longer a gentle breeze. The stillness hurt my very insides. Not even a little bag or

a little leaf or butterfly fluttering around. Just to see anything move would have comforted me, just to know that I wasn’t the only one. I looked at what were stores, but they were all empty, their windows lined with frost. I walked on and on, and felt as if the street stretched on and on endlessly, wondering if I would ever see my family again, wondering if I would ever see anything or anyone again. I turned at the curb, and kept on walking aimlessly. The stores now seemed the same to me, all the color flushed out, even what was once the brightest toy store was now just another dull, grey building lining the sidewalk. I kept on and on, walking on what were once familiar streets to me, what now was a new world, dull, dark and strange... For the first time in this day I felt scared, but not scared as in a horror movie, I felt a fear that clutched my heart in a dark knot.

A leaf! I saw a small leaf, proof of life in my grey surroundings, a splash of color in my dull world! I chased it, ran towards it, flying in a rhythmic pattern, dropping slowly, and then rising, hypnotizing me in its dance. It dropped again and it fell in my hand. I held it in my hands, gently feeling its glossy texture, looking at the veins crisscrossing the surface, as I slowly put it in my pocket and felt some life returning to me. That leaf was hope, my only hope, the only thing I felt was really alive...I no longer felt I was alive myself.

I caught something in the corner of my eye. I looked to my left. The buildings were changing once again. No! They weren’t changing; they were fading away, like fading ink on an old manuscript, slowly disappearing into nothing. I felt I would soon fade to nothing too, another grey thing in this grim world of solitude.

I cried. Hot tears streamed down my face, falling, dripping, plopping down on thestreet. They fell on my clothes, their wetness reaching down to my chest. I realized I hadn’t cried in a long time, and I lay down on the street, letting my tears flow freely, messengers of my true feelings. Those tears! Something I hadn’t felt roll down my cheeks for a long time.

I lowered my head and walked quietly ahead, just as I realized that my clothes were turning dull grey too! I decided I couldn’t shut up! I had to talk, jump, scream, keep this world alive, as I may just become part of it and eventually disappear, just like all the others! I raised my head and saw something ahead. Not dull and gray like the rest of the town, but full of colors! So, I ran ahead, I had to see the colors; I had to know what this thing galloping ahead really was! So I ran as fast as I could, just running on and on and on. Finally I reached a dark alley, and I could hear something ahead.

I slowed my pace and walked ahead. I felt a crushing blow and barely saw something pouncing on me until I hit the cold street, with three deep gashes on my right shoulder. I slowly opened my eyes, and I saw a gargantuan creature standing over me. Its long fur seemed to expel every color I had ever beheld, and its dark eyes stared coldly at me. It had a strangely catlike face and features. The creature bared its long fangs, and his face closed in on mine, as I lay there, completely speechless, against the floor. I spat out,

“What happened to everyone else? Where did you come from?” The creature cocked back its head and let out a small rumbling laugh, the said, “I am Fear! Yes, I am Fear, the very Fear you live, the very Fear everyone else lives! Fear of Death, Fear of Failure, Fear of Pain, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Life! ” I spoke once again, “How come I didn’t disappear? Why was I the only one left, alone? Why did you choose me?” The creature whispered then, closing his face on mine, its cold breath, blowing on my face, the cold like sharp needles, piercing my skin and getting to my mind, weaving itself into my thought,” We are old friends! Do you not remember? I’ve been with you all the time. I have never left your side...You must remember! My breathing had become heavy. I struggled to breathe; I felt life escaping every time I exhaled.

Fear spoke once again, “Alone, you have no purpose, no life, nothing! You are nothing, you have nothing!” His words were painful. I was beat; I was going to die, here, all alone! I felt pain in my heart, a pain I had never felt before. I knew I had lost.

My mind rushed with mixed thoughts and feelings. Trying to remember. I remembered those things I’ve hidden in my memories, tucked away. Then, a thought

passed quickly through my head as I realized I had never fought Fear; I had just pushed it away, I just hid it in the darkest corners of my mind. Fear grew in me everyday! I had to brave Fear, face Fear and beat it! It was the only way I could win and get everyone else back!

I screamed out, “Fear! You are nothing but a part of my mind, of everyone’s mind... I am stronger! I can beat you! You are but one of my many emotions... But you can lose to me! My mind created you, my mind can destroy you! If I no longer fear this, you will disappear... there is one thing you can never take away from me and that is my purpose...

As long as I believe in God, I’ll have a purpose, even if I am the only one” I felt stronger, as if a rush of pure energy had entered my body. God had given me Courage, the one force that could beat Fear! I pushed, Courage running through my veins! Fear fell, writhing in the ground like a trapped snake, and I pounced just as Fear had done minutes ago! Every second I stood on top of the creature, I could feel life returning to the city, I could hear sounds, people! The colors faded away, slowly. The stillness of silence floated in the air. Fear was gaining strength! It pushed back, trying to be free once again, and my strength faltered, as I felt Fear pushing back, Death on its mind. The pain! The unbearable pain as I felt my muscles stretching, my bones cracking slowly as Fear pushed and pushed. I could feel my strength dwindling. I couldn’t hold on any longer. I was losing! I just couldn’t take the pain! Then I realized, if I didn’t beat Fear, who was I really? What would happen to the World? I must win, not just for myself, but for every man, woman and child in the world. I felt their pain, their sorrow. I had to it for them, even if I wasn’t there to share their happiness with them in the end. I have to destroy

Fear! I felt Courage returning to me, filling my every muscle with a strength they had never felt before, strength that wasn’t mine, but of every person who depended on me. In one last push, Fear fell back, becoming smaller, its long fur becoming dull grey, its strength fading away quickly, the expression on its face changing. I had beat Fear!

Suddenly, I felt darkness surrounding me, slowly, like a black cloak around the world, as I closed my eyes and smiled triumphantly at my deed.

Soaked in sweat and tossing my sheets aside, I woke up... Had all of this been a dream? I walked to the bathroom half asleep, and as usual, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I heard the sound of my family downstairs, and I smiled happily seeing that I wasn’t the only one around. Even if I did have my routine life I didn’t have to be alone, and that was enough. I went back to my room, and put my hand in my pocket, and pulled out a little green leaf out of it...


drd (March 24th, 2003, 9:22 pm)

I like this.

From a very young age I have fought fear and have NEVER let it control me, my very nature seeks it out and challenges it.

I remember at a young age (about 6 or 7) I had a reacuring dream of being hunted. I didn't know who or what it was, but I did know it was aggressive. I was always disorientated and afraid. One night I started to take control of the dream, very few people can actually do this I'm told. I turned it around, I got angry, I wasn't going to be afraid, It was.

And I started hunting it. I knew that it was more powerful and better armed, but I didn't care. I wouldn't be beaten or be afraid.

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