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Coup De Main - Chapter Four

classifications: Science-Fiction / Space Opera / Heroic / Action

I decided to re-post this chapter by chapter. I really want you guys to be rough. I know this thing has holes everywhere, but give advice to fix them.

I want to know what you think, yes, but also what's wrong, and what's right.

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"This corridor is strange, don't you think?" Lieutenant Roman remarked as the small group walk steadily down the corridor, now sloping much more. "It almost looks grown, or like it was melted. Like when you push a hot ice pick through a piece of plastic."

"Yeah, ...It does, sort of." Ran'dyr said. "It also seems to slope a lot more."

They walked on in silence, the corridor being oppressively quiet. While the floor did slope more, it also had rough little ridges, so those walking would not slip and fall.

"My head feels... sthrange." Caper was holding his head as he walked, "Ith feels as if I am hooked to a computher, buth no computher hurths me. ...Almost as if I was in a neural hacking conthesth, and someone was thrying tho break in."

"Do you need to stop and rest?" Kalyn asked.

"No, ith is noth thath bad. Ith is justh... unpleasanth."


They rounded a sharp bend - the first - and stopped. There was a door there.

"[At last.]" Krhi'cht stopped, and turned around. "[I know not what is here. But be ready.]" Flipping his claws out and raising his tail, he turned to the door.

The others followed his example, unlimbering rifles, pistols, or claws. Caper did nothing, except to hold the lights.

"How does your head feel now, Caper?" Ran'dyr asked.

"Worse. I am fine though. Don'th worry abouth me." He smiled, then walked to the door, and turning to the group, asked, "Everyone ready?" then punched the button.

The door slid open silently, light pouring from the brightly lit chamber within. Setting the lights down, Caper stepped through, the rest of the group following. The door slid shut behind them, and clicked.

- - -

Odelon stepped off the Anakhronyx 's lift, and it rose back up into the belly of the ship, bay doors snapping shut behind it. He ran through a check of the systems of the power armor he constantly wore. Standing 3 meters tall, his suit was orange and black, bristling with weaponry. He stood on two reverse-articulated legs that ended in four flexible armored 'talons' that he could use as hands, or as deadly weapons. A rapid-fire pulse cannon was hinged so that when not in use, it was stored along his back, but when needed, it could be swung up on to his shoulder.

It was a bright sunny day. Small avian creatures flew overhead, filling the air with haunting whistles. A light breeze was blowing, the trees on the ridge overhead rustling slightly. The ground was scorched and pitted, the wreckage of the Imperial forces littering the landscape, already rusting. The barrier shield flickered a greenish-blue high in the atmosphere, giving the area a slight underwater feel.

Three ground-effect vehicles sat on the ground about 40 meters to the right, merely a few paces from the compound wall. There was a door, obviously armored, in the wall, nearly straight ahead.

Looking around, he walked forward. Suddenly, he jerked. World echoes, he thought. It would not mean good things for the group inside. He burst into a run, tearing the soft, rubbery ground cover into chunks as he charged to the door in the wall. Actuating his pulse cannon, he fired a long burst at the door. Nothing.

Skidding to a halt, he looked at the door. Suddenly he curled up as he chronomorphed, reaching into midworld. Moving the particles of his physical body inside the compound, he let himself slide back out of midworld, and into the constricting feel of 3 dimensions.

It was pitch black in the tunnel. Turning exterior lights on, he began walking down the gently sloping corridor.

It was time to meet his destiny.

- - -

A tall, humanoid figure dressed in long, flowing blue and red robes stood near the end of the long room on a raised pedestal, facing away from the door. The end of the room was lit up with 3D holographic displays. There were 9 pillars on each side of the room, each covered in an ornate carving of a figure. The carvings on the left were all identical, each being of a tall and thin hooded figure, obviously evil. On the right, however, the carvings were different- from the ones on the left as well as each other. Four were of some short humanoid race with curly hair. Another was of a tall humanoid, but too thin and angular to be human. Three were human, one with long hair and beard, one was a bit ragged but had a noble face, and the other was dressed in rich clothing. Rich tapestries hung from the ceiling, and there was no apparent light source.

They spread out; the Ka'chin on the ends, humans in the middle, and Caper in the back, and began walking up the room.

"So you have come at last." The voice was deep and melodious, and they felt it as much as heard it. It turned, and looked at them. Vaguely human in appearance, its eyes glowed a dim blue from beneath its hood. Walking down the steps off the pedestal, it spread its two arms wide, wide sleeves hanging down halfway to the ground. Reaching the bottom, it looked at each of the group in turn, and Caper gasped as it looked at him.

"Wath are you?" He asked quietly, a strange look on his face. "Please sthop thath!" He stepped forward, and turned slightly to look at Colonel Ran'dyr. "This being is causing the feeling I told you abouth. Ith is worse now."

Kalyn stepped forward, her movements fast and jerky from the joint enhancers, and brandished her phase rifle, "Stop right there! Don't come a step closer until you leave Caper alone and tell us what you want."

The rest followed her actions, raising weapons and spreading out, assuming combat stances.

"What I want? Oh.. I really want nothing but what is mine by right. I give you the privilege to be my first servant." It raised its arms in a grand gesture, "I am A'Lucard T'Nuoc, Ruler of the dimensions and of all beings." Its voice rose grandly, majestically, and filled the chamber. It resonated in their heads as he spoke, and then they felt what Caper had been feeling. Caper writhed on the ground, moaning in pain.

"What is the matter, little Xybernaught?" Its voice was scornful, like a bully who was teasing a little one. "Do you miss your computer world? I am truly sorry, but it and your race were a menace to my plans. I am not surprised to see one of your kind here. You were very foolish in opposing me."

"No!" Caper's voice was strained, the accent gone, replaced by an electronic buzz mixing with his words, giving them a scrambled sound. He stood up, hate and loathing written all over his face. "So I finally meet the destroyer of my home and race. A'Lucard T'Nuoc." He spat the words. Raising his finger, he said "I tell you this: you are finished. This is the day your conquest ends. You will fail here. None of us will follow your evil scheme, and you will fall. If we die, there are still two mighty fleets above this planet, with enough firepower to turn this planet into a ball of rocks and dust. You - " He cut off as a finger of red energy shot from A'Lucard T'Nuoc's body and connected with his head.

Caper screamed - a horrible sound, electronic - and flipped into the air, then fell to the ground. Sparks flew from his body, and his eyes flashed colors as he writhed on the ground, scream never stopping for breath.

"No." The alien had changed shape. Taller now, bigger, more powerful, and - he floated a few decimeters off the floor. A faint halo surrounded him of continually shifting colors. Its voice was no longer beautiful. It was now quietly, coldly, angry- deadly. "It is you who fail here. I win, as I exterminate the last of your race."

Kchi'tin jumped forward. An amazing leap, even for a Ka'chin - 8 meters. His arms wide, he twisted in midair so his feet faced the alien.

A'Lucard merely glanced at him, and flicked a casual hand, throwing a sparking ball of energy. It connected with Kchi'tin, throwing him back to the wall. He slid to the floor, and lay there, not moving.

"-No," A'Lucard finished, "I will let you die last." The red beam lifted Caper, and threw him across the room, then vanished. Caper immediately stopped screaming, and lay on the floor, as if dead. Kalyn looked back at him, and turned to run to him.

A'Lucard's voice rose as he shouted "Stop!" and Kalyn turned to face him. "He will lay there, and you will not interfere. Come, and I will show you your rightful place with me." He turned his head toward the others, gesturing "Come! I will give you power unimaginable, and you may rule under me."

Kalyn turned and dashed to Caper. Picking him up, she looked at A'Lucard, "He was one of the kindest people I knew. He is dying now." She turned and walked quickly to Ran'dyr, "Look, he is melted! He is-" She cut off as Capers face pulsed with colors, pale greens and blues, slipping over his face. His eyes were sunken, and his breath came ragged. A pale fluid leaked out through the breaks in his circuitry, coating him and her with its stickiness. She set him down, "Light! He's heavy! Even with the joint enhancers, he weighs a ton."

Turning to where A'Lucard stood, Colonel Myth Ran'dyr stood up straight and said, "A'Lucard T'Nuoc? I am not sure what you exactly want, but I can tell you this: we none of us will ever serve you. You can kill us, but we will not serve you."

A cry came from the other side of the room, where the Ka'chin were. Kchi'tin was ok, apparently having simply been unconscious. Both were standing in battle stances, claws and tails held ready. Kchi'tin shouted, "[Colonel! We will fight! We will stand with you to death!]"

The other humans murmured agreements, Ran'dyr turned to face A'Lucard again, and the Ka'chin jumped for the foul creature. This time, however, they actually made contact, ripping robes and the flesh underneath. A'Lucard roared, an earth-shaking sound, and threw the two off himself. He turned to finish them off, and Ran'dyr shouted "Fire!" and proceeded to pour automatic powered slugs into the alien. Kalyn opened up with her phase rifle, while Roman used an oscillating laser cannon.

Bellowing in pain and rage, A'Lucard T'Nuoc raised his arms, a sphere of energy forming around him, deflecting all weaponry. "Now, he said," his voice a snarl, no longer beautiful by any standards, "you will all die, slowly, one at a time."

A thick green arm of energy shot off of him, wrapping itself around Kalyn, lifting her into the air. It contracted, squeezing her, cutting off her breath, preventing further screams. Smaller tendrils grew off the bigger one, pushing themselves into her mouth, nose, eyes, and ears.

Somehow, she managed another scream.

Suddenly, Caper staggered to his feet. Most of his circuitry was intact again, and he stood straight. Slapping his hand to his thigh, wires and cables folded off his leg and hip onto his arm, connecting to the circuitry there. Pulling a chunk of his thigh away, it morphed and became part of his fist. Raising his now spike-covered fist towards A'Lucard, he shouted, "A'Lucard T'Nuoc! My people have learned much since we hid from you, and this is perhaps the greatest of them," and jerked as he fired the weapon.

Stabs of lightning shot out at right angles from his fist, gravitating towards A'Lucard. They hit, destroying his shield, then wrapped around the being itself. The green beam ceased, and Kalyn fell to the floor.

Everyone in the room flinched as A'Lucard screamed, a sound of rage and pain, the sound of a tyrant defied penetrating their minds. The room rippled around him, and it seemed to become less real for a moment. Raising its arm, a blast of blue fog shot out, and hit Caper, knocking him backwards into one of the pillars, breaking it. Caper fired again, but this time A'Lucard was ready for him, and morphing, it changed slightly...

Thinner now, taller- yet somehow seeming even more powerful than before, it dropped its head, opened its mouth, and roared. The mouth distended, opening until it was longer than his head, and flame spewed from the gaping maw. The lightening flashed again and again. Flame spewed, and puffs of blue smoke burst off the creature. The room shook with the roars of flame a crashes of thunder as everyone else hid, trying to find refuge against the hatred of the two life forms.

Suddenly, with a flash and a roar that shook the hall, all was quiet. Ran'dyr looked out, - onto a scene of chaos. Caper was on the other side of the hall, leaning against a pillar, scorched and blackened. Holes were in the walls and floor, the tapestries were in tatters, and some of them were burning. The smell of ozone and smoke, and the smell of burnt flesh filled the air. There was another smell too, but he could not place it.

A'Lucard T'Nuoc stood at the other end of the hall, robes scorched and blackened, scarred from the strange weapon Caper had used on him. Mechanical footsteps rang in the hall, and Ran'dyr turned towards the door, trying to see through the smoke, trying to see where those footsteps were coming from.

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