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Coup De Main - Chapter Six

classifications: Science-Fiction / Space Opera / Heroic / Action

I decided to re-post this chapter by chapter. I really want you guys to be rough. I know this thing has holes everywhere, but give advice to fix them.

I want to know what you think, yes, but also what's wrong, and what's right.

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When Caper stopped firing, the small chunks that were A'Lucard T'Nuoc turned to a vapor. While Kalyn was dragging Caper behind the pillars, the thin vapor coagulated into a cloud that spread out through the chamber. At the moment that Kalyn and Roman were wondering what to do, the vapor began to glow and spin.

The cloud of energy that was Odelon and Ran'dyr still floated in the same spot. It also, was glowing and spinning. Both clouds began spinning faster and faster, the room deathly still, the clouds seeming to absorb all forms of energy- voices, sucking the power cells on the energy weapons dry, even physical and emotional energy was drained.

The clouds had begun to flatten now, twin indistinct disks of energy, sending off tendrils of vapor. A sound had begun to grow, never loud, but growing in magnitude of its power. The glow had become a full-fledged dazzling light, shining throughout the room, casting harsh shadows on the walls.

An image had appeared between the two clouds, spinning slowly on its long axis- a faint representation of Myth Ran'dyr. He seemed to become solid, then crashed to the ground. Kalyn looked at him dully. Almost to the point of forgetting her own name, she did not know what to make of this. She was so tired. Just to sleep...

A faint voice in the back of her mind spoke, but she could not understand it. Trying kept her awake, and she wanted to stop- to sleep, but something made her listen.

The room thrummed in sympathetic vibration as the two clouds rose to greater power. Suddenly, thin arms spiraled rapidly off the disks, straight up and down, as the thrumming ceased. Two arms that shot through the- there was no ceiling or floor anymore. Of a sudden, the room was surrounded by a vast emptiness. No walls, floor or ceiling. Just blackness. The disk that had been Odelon shot out another arm, peeled off a seemingly solid disk rotating at unfathomable speeds.

The arm struck out at the group, and as it hit them, awareness returned. Ran'dyr opened his eyes, and gaped at what he saw: two disks of light, to his right and left, with spikes of light beaming off the flat sides into the blackness. Blackness. He realized that he was sitting on what appeared to be solid nothing. As firm as the hardest stone, yet obviously not there. The disks looked like miniature galaxies, spinning there.

- - -

"Admiral, we are picking up extremely high energy readings from the planet. Specifically from the region of the compound, sir." The aide was carefully studying his DA.

The chaos on the bridge had died down in the last hour, and normal operation had resumed. The energy readings from the planet had been fluxuating rapidly, so for him to say "extremely high" meant that something new was going on down there. "And, sir? I think you need to look at the planet. The shield went down about 1 minute ago, but- well, just look for yourself."

Mykincha sighed, and stood up from his chair, where he had been casually observing the goings-on down below. Stretching, he said, "Very well, put it on the main projectors."

"But si-"

"On the main projectors."

The aide sighed. "Yes sir." And, flipped a switch. The planet came into focus above their heads, and zoomed in on the surface.

The area around the compound appeared to be melting into a hole where the compound had been. A blackness that was impenetrable filled the hole.

"Sir? The Scrimshaw is in orbit on the far side, and they say it is doing the same over there."

Rubbing his chin, Mykincha stared for a moment at the image, then turning his head to look at the aide, asked, "How high is 'extremely', aide?"

The military manner could not cover the amazement in the aide's voice. "Approximately the amount of a small supernovae, sir."

Gasps from the crew, who had been silent since the holo had come up, brought Mykincha's attention back to the image. The ground appeared to have been turned inside out, with the opposite side of the planet emerging from the hole.

Without warning, a streak of light shot from the hole, through the ground there, and into space. The planet seemed to suck into itself, and small pinpoints of light shot from the planet. The surface cracked, sending out intensely bright rays of light. The light then seemed to cover the planet, and Mykincha shouted, "All units, get away from the planet! Order all fighter wings to launch, and get as far from the planet as possible! Move!"

His voice galvanized the crew into action, the spell broken, and the mighty ship lurched into motion. "Go to full thrust. I don't care about damage of any kind! Just get this ship away from the planet!"

The fleet raced away from the now sun-like planet. The acceleration caused massive injuries inside the Argonaut and Arbiter, the mighty engines of the ships capable of exerting 2000 G's of acceleration. Fighters launched, spreading out and heading away from the planet at full thrust.

The heavy-lift tractor beams on the two dreadnoughts grabbed carriers, missile frigates, and transports, dragging the slower ships along with them.

- - -

Far across the galaxy, where the combined forces of the Ka'chin Tetrarchy and Terran Empire were fighting a losing battle, everything fell apart. The attacking aliens had gone insane. All the organized assaults were a thing - a nightmare, of the past. The creatures had begun fighting themselves, falling out of hyperspace at the wrong time and place, and crashing into each other, the defending vessels, and planets.

The alien war machine had suddenly, completely - finally, fallen apart. After a brief mop-up session, it was simply a matter of hours before the sound of war in the galaxy fell silent.

- - -

The planet exploded suddenly, sending flame and molten rock out in a blast of power. Surpassed only by a supernova, the explosion was an awesome thing. Deadly beyond measure, yet excruciatingly beautiful.

The slower ships were caught in the blast, destroyed as soon as they were engulfed. The Dreadnoughts, while the fastest ships in the fleet aside from courier ships and fighters, were next. Only a few fighters were caught in the actual explosion, the first ones out simply being tossed by the shockwave.

Soon there was simply an asteroid field where a once-vibrant planet had been. The Argonaut, while sustaining massive damage, had survived, and the uninjured crew was initiating search-and-rescue operations. The Arbiter, however, had not survived. Fighters flew back and forth between operational vessels, carrying wounded to the Argonaut, and techs to repair damage.

Admiral Krushev Mykincha stood on his bridge, staring at the cloud of dust that had been Skeff. Goodbye, he whispered.

drd (March 25th, 2003, 7:00 pm)

whoa. a lil cliche' perhaps, but still good.

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