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Coup De Main - Epilogue

classifications: Science-Fiction / Space Opera / Heroic / Action

I decided to re-post this chapter by chapter. I really want you guys to be rough. I know this thing has holes everywhere, but give advice to fix them.

I want to know what you think, yes, but also what's wrong, and what's right.

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Several weeks later...

The cloud of dust and rock that had been the planet Skeff had slowly, imperceptibly been gravitating towards a point in space. It might have been the exact location of the core of Skeff. It might not. The cloud began to spin, and a solid shape began to form in the center.

It was wide and angular, like a diamond that had been stretched outwards. As time went by, it grew, and changed. It was now a mountainous form, similar to a volcano, with a great yawning hole in the middle where the peak should have been.

The crews of the Argonaut were so busy with repairs that no one had noticed it. At least, not until now. Admiral Mykincha had just arrived on the bridge...

Looking up, out the clear dome that covered the entire end of the mighty Imperial Dreadnought, he saw a huge mountain floating in space. "By the -!" He swore violently. Dashing to the edge of the command station, he slapped the public comm. switch, "All Personnel are to report to their stations immediately," then put all systems on red alert.

Crewers began to pour onto the bridge and dash to their assigned stations, shouts filled the air as the mighty vessel was brought to battle readiness. The lights flickered as shields came on and weapons powered up, accompanied by the deepening bass thrum of the mighty engines powering up. Fighters were readied, pilots and crew dashing across the floor of the launch bay.

Within 20 minutes, the ship was completely armed and fully functional. The Admiral sighed in relief, and sat back in his chair to wait.

The Mountain had rotated so that the hole was in line with the view of the bridge, and he could see through to the other side. At least, he could have, if the hole had not been filled with arcing electricity and a glowing ball.

"Divert power to fore shields, and launch two wings of Mantarays," Admiral Mykincha was not about to be caught unprepared a second time. "Put the wings in a flanking position around the hole, and be sure to warn them to keep clear of anything that comes out of there."

The ball had begun to stretch out of the hole, where it began to evaporate. A huge, thick cloud began to form. Suddenly, a blast of power shot from the center of the cloud straight out to connect with the bridge. It arced through the shield and viewport like it did not even exist, and splashed to a halt in front of the shocked Admiral in seven small fingers of blindingly bright energy, then disappeared.

What remained was unbelievable. Myth Ran'dyr, Kalyn D'arfei, Vertas Roman, Caper, Kchi'tin, and Khri'cht. They looked healthy, and they all, with the exception of the Ka'chin, wore long flowing white robes. They appeared thin and almost transparent at first, then solidified as Mykincha watched.

There was another burst outside, and this time the Anakhronyx appeared. Before anyone could do anything besides look astonished, the cloud had formed a face, and was speaking.

"What you have witnessed recently was the destruction of a being that would have destroyed life as you know it. An immortal tyrant, a despot that never died and could not be killed, has been stopped. Your world is free from the greatest menace it never knew it had." The voice was peaceful and kind. The calm inflections had a soothing effect on everyone listening. The voice came from everywhere and nowhere, and they saw and felt images and feelings as he spoke that carried more impact than any words he could speak.

"I am Odelon. I will leave here when I am finished, and will resume my duties as guardian of your world. I wish to leave an explanation of many things. First, I am a Kenduron. We are a race of beings who are not physical as you are. Rather, what you see and touch is a projection from another dimension. Our transdimensional status gives us the ability to look around your solids in much the same way you observe a maze on a piece of paper.

"I am sorry for any damage I have caused, and although I cannot go back in your time and undo deaths, I can repair damages with a greater speed and efficiency than any technician. Do you wish for this free gift, Admiral?"

It took Mykincha a moment to get his brain in gear again. He stood, "Odelon, on behalf of the Terran Empire and the crew of the Argonaught, I accept your generous gift with heartfelt thanks." He sat back down in bewilderment.

The reply seemed to have a touch of humor, "Admiral Krushev Mykincha of the Terran Empire, I bestow my gift freely, and you are quite welcome." There were numerous bumpings, flickers, and jolts on every ship. On the bridge, the repairs were obvious. The carpet was spotless, the lights were brighter, the air fresher.

"Argonaught, I have restored every ship in the fleet to factory-new operation." Odelon's attention suddenly shifted, but everyone could still hear his voice, "Xybernaught? You have been using the hacker alias The Keyboard Caper. What is your real name?"

The reply was immediate, "My name, benevolent one, is Dynurok Orduhwyk, of the Fifth Ruling family of Xelecon." His demeanor changed, and he stood tall and proud, a prince among paupers.

"Prince Dynurok, I grant you and your kind a new home. A planet virtually identical to Xelecon, yet different enough so you will always remember your original home. This planet, christened Xyfendura, will be here, where I am, when I am gone. I make this gift with the request that you leave the matters of transdimensional travel to those who were made for it."

With that, the cloud swirled around in a funnel that swept itself into the waiting Anakhronyx, which in turn proceeded to slide out of the system. The fighters spun around and headed back to the Argonaught as the mountain began to glow, expand, and with light spearing off the surface, a planet formed.

- - -

"With the galaxy at peace, and the major governments working together for harmony, a new age dawned. Odelon never took part in any political squabbles, but rumors of a strange being in a powerful ship rescuing people from evil continue to persist to this day. And that, my dears, is that." Myth Ran'dyr sat back in his chair, his old bones creaking. His 20 grandchildren sat around him in a semicircle, gazing off in the distance as their imaginations carried them away.

Shara, his wife came in and smiled at him. Clapping her hands, she said loudly "Ok, you guys! Come on. Your parents will be here today, we need to get picked up!"

Amid a chorus of groans and sighs, they all stood and ran off, leaving the aged commander alone in his study with his memories.

drd (March 25th, 2003, 7:08 pm)

A nice lil story.

I have to admit tho, that it is a lil cliche'd and nothin new.

Good style of writing and well told, yes, new and original, no.

Keep em coming tho ;)

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