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classifications: Science-Fiction / Philosophical

A short musing on the fundamental workings of the Universe, in a two-sided narrative: from the inside and out.

9 out of 10 friends couldn't understand it, but hey, Transferents are smarter than average humans =)

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For 15 billion years since the Big Bang, the Universe had continued, every particle governed by the same strict rules, constantly in motion towards a destiny ever in flux. Thus the Universe had evolved, and was expected to continue to do so for as long as anyone cared to notice. Unfortunately, the Universe had not been designed with intelligent life in mind.

It was this intelligent life that had launched the Voyager space probe millenia ago, and now this life was experimenting with wormholes and warp drives, trying to go faster and further into the outer reaches of the Universe. And, as was inevitable, one of their spaceships finally reached the Limit.

The Limit was the boundary within which the Universe operated, an immaterial, metaphysical surface beyond which nothing could exist, because there was no Universe to exist in. The Universe had to have a Limit, for an infinite Universe would be an impossible abstraction. And since matter, when left to itself, keeps to itself, no material object had ever come anywhere close to the Limit. Until now.

And when the first particle of that human-created probe broke the surface of the Limit, the Universe promptly ceasedto be.


The experimenter stared with annoyed surprise at the message blinking on his computer screen. It said, "ERROR: Boundary limit exceeded. System has been terminated." He glanced through the accompanying data, then grumbled, "Oh great. One particle through the limit and the whole thing goes down."

His friend sitting alongside volunteered, "Maybe you could try expanding the limit."

"No good. It's going to take even longer to compute - who's got that kind of time?"

"Okay then, has this ever happened before?"

"Well, no."

"Then just run it again and see what happens."

So the experimenter started his universe simulator again and, somewhere in the logic processes of his computer, an new Universe was formed in another Big Bang and began to evolve...

As he watched the output on the screen, the experimenter reflected philosophically on the simulated Universe. To everything within the system, the system is the only reality, and everything outside it does not exist. The abstract logic processes of my computer, that create the simulated Universe, are actual physical reality to everything in it. In some sense, I have created a new Universe.

Well, he thought, hopefully the glitch that created the error will not reappear...


Hellkeepa (July 2nd, 2002, 8:23 pm)


Deep, with a bit of a Matrix feel to it. ;-)

Very good!

Happy fraggin'!


Keystone (July 30th, 2002, 1:32 am)

Definately one to keep working on!


drd (March 24th, 2003, 8:54 pm)

Nice.... DAMN nice. *nods*

Very cool idea.

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