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The Chase

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I don't even know if this is really Sci-Fi, but I thought of sharing it with you, my brothers of Transference before letTing the scary people of DA see it. Don't give me much cRAP, this is quite rough :P

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I stop...Pant. I look at the stone floor beneath my feet. I break out into a run again. He can’t catch me, I can’t let him. I look forward: nothing but empty darkness. Yet the darkness was much more welcome than him. I tried to convince myself that I was too fast: that as long as I ran, he’d never catch me. That he’d never see anything but my back as I ran ahead, my feet hitting the cold stone ground.

But another part of me said that I couldn’t do it: no matter how much I could run, he would always catch up. That he was, faster, stronger. I just kept running. If I got lucky, the first part would be right and I’d find a way out. What if I was wrong? What if it never ended until I finally stopped and he finally got me? No time for petty questions like these! I could hear him behind me, his thumping footsteps crushing the stones beneath him.

I picked up the pace and hurried forward. Run, run, run... all I could think of. I could just imagine the huge beast grabbing me, sinking his huge teeth into my neck and tossing me aside like an empty can, my battered body crashing against the wall. I couldn’t let that happen! I had to run, run away! Run anywhere, as long as I could get far away and he couldn’t lay a hand on me!

So I run. Speeding ahead at the black horizon... But my efforts were getting to me. I could hear my own breathing, heavy, over his thumping footsteps and my own steps. “It won’t be long now. Soon enough he’ll be on me...” I thought desperately to myself as I tried to speed up my aching body. And as I slowed down, I could feel him speeding up, the smell of his kill strengthening him, exciting him. The thump of his footsteps grew louder, the rhythm growing faster. I had to keep on...

I tried to drain my strengths...To put some distance between us. To get far enough to catch a breath and keep running. And keep running. I didn’t care if I had to run to death. At least he wouldn’t take pleasure in seeing my scared face as he landed a killing blow on me. I shrugged off the thought and kept running. But no matter how fast I ran, how hard I tried, I could still feel him closing in!

“Is this going to be the end? Will I die here, now?” I thought sadly as I tried to keep my pace.

Suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore. The pain in my legs intensified, my heart beating steadily faster. I fell to my knees, spat on the ground. “This is it... Now I die.” I mumbled to myself, punching the stone floor. I could already feel the stench of his hot breath on my back. So I decided to face my death and turn around.

He was gargantuan, larger than I imagined. His thick arms, ending in large powerful hands, rested on the ground. His legs were shorter than his arms, and he had no tail. His body was covered in thick black scales, as was his gruesome face. Glowing green eyes were placed above a short snout, his large nostrils flaring. Multiple horns protruded from his large head, and his fanged mouth was open, dripping yellowish saliva.

The hellish creature spoke, his deep voice bouncing off the walls,” Doom is upon you!" . He let out a booming roar and let a giant fist come down on me, as I felt every bone, muscle and organ...


“NO!” I screamed out, tangled in my bed sheets. I tossed them aside and sat on my bed, looking at the green numbers in the clock beside my bed...

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