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Kaelgeon Intro - Final Beta

classifications: Science-Fiction / Space Opera / Philosophical

Yes, yes - another re-post. I will eventually re-edit this, make it flow better, and perhaps write a story to go along with the world, but not right now.

Anyone like to have a go?

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Silent it floats, alone in the void. Orbiting no sun, and possessing no rotational spin at all, it is an orphan among billions of its kind. The largest planet in the entire known universe, it is dwarfed only by the giant stars. It contains a mineral wealth that has never been fully explored, as well as huge underground cities containing technology beyond humanity's wildest dreams and hopes.

Its surface is barren, and its atmosphere is dead. Completely devoid of life, it is equally incapable of supporting it. Nonetheless, it is the most important planet in the minds of any and every leader the human race has spawned.

To many, its name is synonymous with death and ruin, war and violence. Likened by many to hell, it is also the name of the longest war in the history of mankind.


Mighty among the astral bodies, it has borne the weight of thousands of wars, each connected to form the most titanic act of violence humanity has ever seen. Trillions of deaths and uncountable resources have been poured into the effort to gain control over the great sphere by every major power in the last 10,000 years.

She is privy to a million tales; of wonder, and sorrow; of pure joy, of vile evil; of black treachery, and selfless heroism. And while these tales are of weak and mortal flesh, she stands a monument to both warn and glorify humankind of itself.

And yet as the tales are unique to each other as they are from each other, they are common in one respect: they cannot be told without the telling of another's. For Kaelgeon has witnessed them all and more, and while these tales are legend in their own right, they are all threads in the complex fabric that is the history of the mighty planet, and so;

This is her tale.


The dim light of the far stars lit the barren and pocked surface with their feeble gleams. It was surprisingly bright for a planet with no star, and the horizon was so far into the distance that it was invisible to the unaided eye.

Two stormtroopers stood here in their bulky powered battle suits, surveying the ridge of jagged cliffs that split the starry sky with their grey-brown heights. Like everything else on this planet, they were huge, creating an artificial horizon that stretched out to the left for billions of kilometers.

It was quiet, as the temperate worlds are quiet before a great storm. Abruptly, one trooper raised his armored fist, pointing, and said simply, "I see them."

Far ahead, an infinitesimal dot appeared to crawl towards them with agonizing slowness as it passed the corner of the towering ridge. It was the army of Force.

Comprised of over 300 million infantry and 100 million in armored fighting vehicles, it was so far away still as to be nearly invisible. As if on cue, a rumble started in from behind the troopers, and suddenly a huge metal foot pounded down beside them, only to be joined by its mate a second later.

"Well," Said the second trooper in husky feminine tones, "are you big boys ready to see some action?"

The pilot responded in like manner, "Yes ma'am! Just say the word an' we'll give Force a real taste of force." A broad grin was evident in his words- he was enjoying himself.

"Ok, can it you two." The first trooper cut in, his tenor made gruff by the command in his voice. "Mark and Pore, you two get your men up here and drop the hammer on them."

They responded with eager whoops, and began issuing orders. "Alright you boys! It's time to open the bores and unleash some unholy starfire! 5th Magnaport Artillery, fall in and line up in a..."

The first trooper turned his head to the female beside him. "What do you think, Lieutenant? Do we have a real element of surprise?"

She half-turned to face him. "Yes, Commander, I do. I don't really believe that they would have brought their entire force under the reach of the Magnaports on purpose. Kelth may be a self-centered fanatic, but ignorant and stupid he's not."

The commander nodded and turned and waved his hand in the direction of the approaching enemy. "We should get under cover once the bombardment starts, but I want to watch it begin."

As the line of artillery 'mechs formed up in ranks behind them, she faced outward again and smiled to herself inside her helmet. Guys and explosives, she thought, and laughed to herself.

"On my mark, then!" Sergeant Pore shouted, and began the firing sequence. The great war engine spread its two huge metal feet, lowered itself, and leaned forward. The torso leveled, and traversed, rotating the giant barrel hung under its shoulder. Behind his 'mech, the rest of the squad followed suit, the hundreds of tons of metal behemoths shaking the ground beneath the trooper's feet.

"Acquire targets!" His barrel elevated, and then traversed slightly. "Remember, fire for effect after the target is a confirmed hit. MARK!" There was a slight pause, and suddenly the heart of a star leaped from the muzzle of his barrel. The dust spouted up in wings to either side of the shell, and a glowing streamer hung in the sky even as the shell hit among the Force.

The explosion was mighty, even from 400 kecks away. A horribly beautiful gout of yellow flame and thin energy wisps spouted from the midst of the faraway army, and suddenly the air above was alive with the arcing shells hurtling towards their intended targets. The ground beneath shook from the power being flung upon the enemies of the Empire.

It had begun.

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Semirrahge (May 28th, 2002, 3:24 am)

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Ah. Much better.

Semirrahge (May 28th, 2002, 3:25 am)

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