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Last Visit: October 21st, 2002, 5:26 am

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whoa. This is so cool. I didnt know I'd get my own page and journal and all for registering!

Well...I dont have much to say. =| Maybe later =]

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Location: Portland, OR
Age: 19
Biography: I'm not really 2001 years old. I just cant figure out how to make it right. I'm 27. And I'm terrible at writing bios. =p


Author(s): c. pahlanuik, k. vonnegut, r. mkuen, p. neruda, m. spire, cummings, a. nin, c. bukowski, j. kerouac, a. ginsberg, j. salinger, m. kundera, d. sedaris, j. ellroy, b. easton ellis, l. young lee, h. james, h. thompson, a. lightman, g. orwell, r. mcliam wilso
Book(s): eureka street, corelli's mandolin, survivor, mother night, listen to the warm, on the road, alas babylon
Genre(s): general fiction, historical fiction, biographies, humour, memoirs
Little Known Book: hmm.. einstein's dreams by alan lightman
Currently Reading: The Plague by Albert Camus

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