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Last Visit: December 11th, 2002, 12:56 am

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ICQ UIN: 47518878
AIM ID: sorinor4
Location: Allendale (GVSU), MI
Age: 19
Biography: To keep it short and sweet I am a History for Secondary Education Major with a Computer Science for Secondary Education Minor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Writing has always been something I have enjoyed doing however I did not write much up until the past year or so. I've really gotten into writing poetry and working on my most involving piece "The Azguard Chronicles" which is a sci-fi..well space opera to put it one way.


Author(s): Simon R. Greene, Michael Crichton
Book(s): Jurrasic Park, the DeathStalker Series
Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Historical
Currently Reading: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney

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