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I had a dream this morning as I slept in way to late. I was standing in a museum, with a couple friends. My synapses flashed me forward, we were standing upstairs somewhere. A glass panal hung from the ceiling, sparkling in aquarium glass blue. Like thin slices of those glass rocks for the bottoms of the tanks. We were overlooking a display down below, and turned towards an exhibit, ready to leave. It turns out we had been there yesterday, when it was closed, sneaking around and pretending to be vastly interested in something. Putting on haughty expression and placing our thumbs on our chins. Then we snuck to some upstairs offices, where we accidently left our back packs while roaming through unsorted papers and fondling interesting paper weights. We had forgotten about them, after happening upon some sort of hands on display. It was a maze of sorts, or actually more of a start and finish path that wound around the upstairs, ending at an exit. The red EXIT light glew with the fury of a hell hounds eyes, daring us. Or daring me, at least, and I led the others in. Stations dotted the path, and to get to the end, you had to unlock each station. Each was a puzzle, with the first an oddly shapped half sphere planted on the ground. Silver disks like the rings of saturn were fixed to it, and the proper rotations allowed the metal cover to slide up, twist, and reveal entrance to the next task. It was something out of the Myst follow up, Riven. I could almost imagine thick redwoods plunging up through a thick mist. We made out way through, genii at work. The end consisted of finding the proper key, a wooden board made part of a counter against a wall. Once removed and inserted, the door opened and let us into a cold iron fire escape and the memory of our forgotten backpacks. The next day we came to reclaim them, following the same path, hoping to sneak up to where we had left them. The museum was open this day, and we snuck about by acting as natural as possible. We belonged up in the employee only section. We saw the backpacks hanging on a hook, outside the office. No one was in sight, and we thought we had made it free and clear. As I reached for mine, a gunshot went off. I was back, staring at the hanging glass window. A woman, with short blond hair and a man's suit stood cooly, lowering her hand. A man, once disheavled and nerdy, now had bloodstained and dead to add to his list of discriptions. The relevence of him faded as we ran into the maze, hoping to outpace the crazed woman. We heard shouts proclaiming fear and a lack of understanding. How could you, how could you have done this. The scene shifted and I stood on the central floor, admist a crowd of fearful individuals. I saw the woman, telling everybody not to move or she'd kill them all. The place was set to blow sky high. I walked through a sea of people like moses, parting them, as if they were but ghosts in my path. As I faced her she brought the gun up. A silver bullet fixed upon an iron grip. Her blue eyes gleamed in madness as she pulled the trigger. The bullet ripped through my teeth and I could feel the chaulkyness of the bits as they imbedded in the hole in the back of my throat. My smile faded in blood as I kicked her hard in the stomach, snatching the gun as she fell. I stood over her and shot a hole between her eyes. And I vanished.

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Age: 23
Biography: I was the thread of a sock once, long story, but it's not very interesting.


Author(s): Hunter Thompson, Douglas Adams, Who Cares?
Book(s): Hitchhikers Guide gave me hope
Genre(s): Anything from textbooks to cheesy sci-fi
Quote: Who's Curiosity and what does his cat killing have to do with anything?
Little Known Book: Midnight At The Well of Souls - Jack Chalker
Currently Reading: Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand / Red Mars - Kim Robinson

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